Robotic Spine

What is Robotic Spine Surgery?

For patients requiring spine surgery who are not candidates for a motion-preserving solution, a stabilising spine fusion may be required for the best outcome.

In hospitals with leading spine centres, surgeons are now using state-of-the-art Robotic Spine Surgery to increase efficiency, accuracy and safety for otherwise lengthy and complex procedures.

Amongst Thailand’s largest international hospitals, both the Bumrungrad Spine Institute and Vejthani Hospital’s Advanced Spine Centre are celebrated for their advancements in Robotic Spine Surgery, with overseas patients visiting from over 190+ countries for these and other elective surgeries.

What are the benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery?

Patients benefit from a more accurate surgery, including safer navigation of delicate structures, perfect placement of hardware, and less time under General Anaesthetic. The latest Mazor Robotics System provides Pre-Op Analytics, with Intra-Op Guidance and Verification in ‘real time’. This is particularly important for patients undergoing complex surgeries involving multiple spine levels, such as severe spinal curvature correction.

Our Doctor explains:

Dr. Pattara Kosanunt
Specialist | Vejthani Hospital Advanced Spine Centre)

“This technology is like a magic eye, designed to introduce a much greater degree of accuracy to spinal surgery, thereby reducing the risk of hardware misplacement.”

“Using the Robot, the well-experienced surgeon stays in control of the surgery and places the screws with his or her hands while the robot provides a guidance system, increases the degree of precision. Through this technology the scope of error is less than 1 mm in placing screws in spine and the rate of correct screw placement increases to 99.7%.

“The robot has the software to conduct a pre-operative plan, and 3D Sync Marker to show the CT-Scan images with a high degree of precision for the operation. During surgery the O-Arm Surgical Imaging System can also be used to check screw placement and ensure the patients receives seamless care from beginning to end. We can say that working together, interactions between the well-experienced surgeon, the Robotic Guidance System and the O-Arm Surgical Imaging System will provide the fast and effective procedure that leads to a perfect and successful surgery.”

Robotic Spine Surgery Technologies

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