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First Contact

Contact us by completing the ‘Ask Our Doctors’ form on our website or email enquiries@spineconnection.org. Within 24-48hrs one of our experts will be in touch to welcome you to Spine Connection and discuss our best treatment options for your case.

Remote Evaluation

We will help compile your data to be evaluated by our top specialists in Germany and/or Thailand. This includes completing our online Patient Evaluation Form, sending us up-to-date MRI & X-Ray images, and paying the $110 USD evaluation fee. If new images are required, a letter is provided for your personal physician in attaining a radiology clinic referral. After receiving your evaluation data and if treatment is required, within 4-7 working days we will provide a detailed Evaluation Report with a fixed-price package. We will assist with your queries including in-depth Q&A, connect you with previous patients and a surgeon telephone call if required.

Preparing for your Trip Abroad

To make your journey easier we assist organizing all travel plans, hotel arrangements and private car transfers for you and any support partner(s). Before departure we request pre-op tests conducted by your personal physician such as Blood Test, EKG or others for any underlying condition. You will receive our Appointment Schedule and Patient Information Guide providing locations for pick-up & drop-off times and details of what you can expect. In the week prior to travel we discuss in great detail your trip via Skype/Telephone to ensure you’re ready.

Arriving and Overseas Treatment

Upon arrival private taxi drivers will greet you at the airport and take you to the next destination. Usually there are 1-2 nights hotel stay before meeting your surgeon for a face-to-face consultation. This is the ideal time for in-depth discussion before being admitted to hospital for surgery. After your surgery you can relax in your private wardroom, where your main focus is healing and recovery.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

After the surgery, your recovery begins. Your hospital stay is 4-10 days depending on your case’s complexity. During this time physical therapists will begin helping you to move confidently again.


After hospital discharge the intensive rehabilitation can begin, and we have highly personalized 7-14 day programs available as part of your package at the largest and most impressive rehab facilities in Germany and Thailand.


During your time abroad you will have access to helpful patient coordinators on the ground who speak both English and the local language fluently.
Prior to flying home, you will meet with your surgeon again for a physical assessment and X-Rays to ensure your healing is on track and to address any questions.

Returning Home & Ongoing Care

You are now on the home stretch! Before flying back you will receive a copy of your images, medical reports, and orders for follow-up X-Rays to give to your personal doctor at intervals determined by your surgeon.


Please inform us if you have any concern and we along with your surgeon, will provide guidance and support. It is incredibly rare for any complication to arise after returning home, especially once you have passed all recovery checkpoints overseas, and we have protocols in place for this. You can now return to a healthy and active lifestyle, and we welcome you to our patient alumni, many whom put their hand up to share their experience with other new patients!

A snapshot of what our patients say

‘Running Daily’

Joel Tetro - Company Director

“All going great here, all muscles, Nerves and ligaments are settling nicely. There is nothing I don’t do now, running daily, gym 3 times a week, washing the boat as I get no stiffness or discomfort, it really is incredible.”
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‘Better Than Ever’

Robyn Smith - Retired ICU Nurse

“2 ¼ years post-surgery and my back is better than ever. I continue to get stronger. I now go to Pilates twice a week unless horse riding gets in the way. I happily continue to refer people or provide support for clients that are interested in Spinal surgery.”
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‘First Class’

Jeff Lynton - Airline Pilot

“The Spine Connection team were first class, initially helping me connect with previous patients, forwarding scan results to the surgeons, answering questions in detail with transparency in mind, and after the decision was made to proceed, the travel package was such that our trip to a foreign hotel, hospital & rehab centre was made very seamless indeed.”
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‘Started Bike Riding’

Clarissa Woodger - Patient’s Wife

“Please express our gratitude to Dr. Bierstedt. Jason is doing even better this week. He’s started bike riding with our son, for the first time in our son’s life. I guess you’ll hear from us when we get his 3-month scans done, we can’t believe it’s already been almost 3 months”
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