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Orthopadish-Neurochirugisches Zentrum (ONZ) translates to The Orthopedic Neurosurgical Centre in English. The four clinics and multiple hospitals are located in Germany's North Rhine-Whestphalia State, and are home to fourteen specialists, including six orthopaedic surgeons, seven neurosurgeons and a sports medicine specialist. The neurosurgeons are regarded as the “New Generation of Spine Surgeons” for their reputation with motion-preserving technologies.

ONZ elective surgeries for international spine patients are performed in two large multidisciplinary hospitals in Hattingen and Recklinghausen. Of utmost importance to our patients, these hospitals are fully equipped with the highest quality supportive infrastructure including MRI, CT and Ultrasound units. The hospital contains separate neurology departments, private ward rooms as well as an emergency ICU department staffed 24/7. All surgeries are supported and prepared for with vascular surgeons as required.

Introducing the New Generation of Spine Surgeons

Dr. Thomas Bierstedt, Dr. Bernd Illerhaus and Dr. Guido Ostermann are amongst the leaders in the field of motion-preserving spine surgery. They have featured on European TV, newspaper articles and presented studies and to their peers at the annual Eurospine Convention. They work closely in advisory positions for leading spine implant companies to develop new technologies, and are experienced in complicated and multi-level solutions.
Their shared philosophy is that a “patient's next spine surgery should be their last spine surgery” and they offer clear guidance and friendly communication for all Spine Connection patients considering surgery. Different spine surgeons around the world will recommend a specific surgery according to their skill and experience, and this often varies greatly.

Our German Specialists are renowned for their advancements in motion-preserving Disc Replacement and Facet Joint Replacement surgery, alongside Dynamic Stabilization System (DSS) technology. They also offer all means of endoscopic decompression and reconstructive spine fusion, and we encourage all patients to receive a second opinion before proceeding with any invasive surgery in their home country.
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