Medicos Aufschalke Rehab

Europe’s Largest Rehab Centre for Spine Patients

The Medicos Aufschalke facility is the flagship of Germany’s renowned Medicos rehabilitation network. In 2006 Sports Physician Dr. Vieregge Ulrich and his team began the journey of building Europe’s largest rehab centre, with in-house centres of excellence in cardiology, internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine and orthopaedics. After it’s recent expansion, the impressive facility boasts over 15,000 sqm working space for their 500+ patients per day.

The Medicos team provides sports medicine for Europe Champions League football clubs, along with local and overseas patients from both the Western and Eastern world. Our partnership with ONZ Germany and Medicos Aufschalke allows Spine Connection patients to receive the very best in post-surgery spine rehabilitation available anywhere.

Fast-Tracked Spine Rehabilitation

Patients recovering from both fixative and motion-preserving spine surgery require intensive rehabilitation to fast-track their return to mobility. In most cases the spinal joints and supporting tissues have been damaged and dysfunctional for many years, and must be mobilised and programmed to work properly again.

Medicos Aufschalke provides the perfect integration of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers and Sport Physicians (MD) to ensure results driven collaboration. After surgery the Spine Rehab Protocol begins with biological Phase 1 outpatient rehabilitation for 7-14 days. This involves full days of focused therapies including but not limited to:

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Physiotherapy

  • Medical training therapy

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Electrotherapy

  • Wound management

  • Ergo therapy

  • Chief Physician visit

The intensive protocol and ongoing Phases allow patients to recover at their own pace and can be customised daily, with take-home programs to ensure seamless transition to ongoing guidance with a physical therapist at home. Our mission is to ensure patients are moving confidently and without assistance, so they can fly home and return to a healthy lifestyle.
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Featured Rehab Specialists

Dr. Vieregge

Medical Director

Maik Muller

Rehabilitation Trainer

Stay at the Adjoining Courtyard Marriott Hotel

The Medicos Aufschalke facility boasts a Courtyard Marriott Hotel right next door, affording patients and their support partners maximum rest and recovery, with minimal travel times for daily sessions.

A delicious and satisfying buffet breakfast is followed up with a nourishing lunch and dinner at the Rehab Centre to ensure healing and recovery.

Spine Connection patients receive exclusive Rehab & Accommodation packages with added support partner benefits

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