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More Affordable and Superior Spine Surgery without Waiting

For many, the cost of spine surgery can be too expensive and out of reach. We believe patients should be able to access the medical care they need. Over the last 10 years the Medical Tourism industry has expanded rapidly, with informed patients more confident to look overseas for affordable elective surgery.

Our Spine Connection team are experts in helping medical travellers. We take care of the finer details and remove all the guesswork, ensuring you receive the surgery you need, in advanced hospitals and with trusted surgeons.
“Our mission is to provide the best possible experience and outcome, so you can reclaim the healthy lifestyle you deserve.”

Why are patients looking overseas for affordable spine surgery?

  • AThey have no private health insurance
  • BElective spine surgery is not included in their policy
  • CThey do not qualify for government medical assistance
  • DStuck waiting for surgery on an endless public hospital list
  • EThey can’t afford private hospital surgery

These patients deserve to receive the surgery they need without any sacrifice of quality, safety or outcome.

Affordable Spine Surgery Packages

No matter where in the world you are based, we can provide an affordable solution and package to fit your needs. Our team of experts have the skill and experience to best reduce the ‘associated risks’ of travelling for spine surgery, ensuring you are informed and comfortable every step of the way. Our services are also completely free of charge, with all payments made directly to our surgeons and hospitals overseas.

Cost of Spine Surgery in Thailand

Thailand is the Medical Tourism capital of the world. The cost of private hospital spine surgery in Thailand is on average 50-70% less than the same surgery in a western country such as Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East, Canada and the USA.

Thailand is a popular destination for medical tourists, with over 2 Million patients visiting each year for elective surgeries. Billions of Dollars in financial investment from international hospital groups and the Thai Government means travelling spine patients can receive the exact same surgery as in their home country, at a new modern facility like Samitivej Hospital Chinatown or World Medical Hospital, with caring staff and luxury comforts.
Our large private hospitals in Bangkok such as Bumrungrad International, Samitivej Hospital Chinatown and World Medical Hospital are more modern and luxurious than those in developed western countries, even our very own partner hospitals in Germany.

Thailand Spine Specialists

Our Thailand team includes renowned surgeons in expansive modern facilities to ensure our patients receive high quality affordable surgery. Some of our spine centres are even leaders in their field, such as Bumrungrad Hospital’s Full-Spine Endoscopic Training Institute, Dr. Tayard's minimally-invasive surgeries, and Vejthani hospital’s advancements with Robotic Spine Surgery.

Thailand Spine Surgery Package (Example)

Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion (ACDF) 1 Level
From 350,000 THB (approx. $11,200 USD)
  • - Theatre
  • - Leading Surgeon
  • - Anaesthesiologist
  • - hardware and implants
  • - All inpatient meals
  • - Medications
  • - Private car transfers
  • - Private hospital room (5 days)
  • - Inpatient physical rehabilitation (5 days)
Not Included
Return airfares, luxury accommodation (hospital or nearby hotel) after patient discharge and before final approval to fly home.
  • - Inclusive Hospital Packages
  • - Affordable surgery without any sacrifice of quality or safety
  • - Relaxing environment for recuperation
  • - Endoscopic Spine Surgery Available (Bumrungrad Hospital)
  • - Robotic Spine Surgery Available (Vejthani Hospital)
Please Note: Every case is unique and we can only confirm the exact costs, inclusions and exclusions for your surgery package after we have evaluated your case. We also have special inclusions available if you would like to bring a support partner.

Cost of Spine Surgery in Germany

The cost of private hospital spine surgery in Germany starts at around €29,500 Euros for a 16-day Artificial Disc Replacement package. When you consider the reputation and experience of our German surgeons, all the inclusions (incl. most advanced implants available) this is a very reasonable price.

This is usually much less than the cost of private hospital spine surgery in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and certainly the USA, where spine surgery can easily cost over $100,000+ US Dollars.

German Spine Specialists

Our German Spine Specialists are regarded amongst the world leaders in motion-preserving solutions. Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) was pioneered in Germany around 40 years ago, and our surgeons only use the newest generation of implants, including the M6 and ESP Discs for ADR, and the TOPS/Nexux system for Total Facet Joint replacement. After leaving hospital our patients start rehabilitation at Europe’s largest rehab centre, while staying in a Marriot hotel located right next door. This is the perfect situation for patients travelling from overseas.

Germany Spine Surgery Package (Example)

Artificial Disc Replacement (1-level)
From €29,500 Euros
  • - Theatre
  • - Senior Neurosurgeon
  • - Anaesthesiologist
  • - ADR Implant (M6 or ESP)
  • - All meals
  • - Medications
  • - Private car transfers
  • - Private hospital room (7 days)
  • - Intensive rehab at Medicos Aufschalke (6 days)
  • - Luxury Marriot hotel stay during rehab (7 nights)
Not Included
Return airfares, stay at the first hotel for 1-2 nights before surgery.
  • - Both 3rd Generation ADR Implants available (best selected for your case)
  • - Recover at Europe’s largest Rehab Centre
  • - Fixed price packages so there’s no surprises
Please Note: Every case is unique, and we can only confirm the exact costs for your surgery package after we have evaluated your case. We also have special inclusions if you would like to bring a support partner.

Financing your Spine Surgery Package

Many patients do not have the funds on hand to cover the spine surgery they need. While we do not offer our own financing or payment plans, in the past our patients have found the following solutions:

  • 1Approach their bank for a personal loan
  • 2Enquire with a Medical Financing Company
  • 3Applied for early-release of their superannuation or similar protected savings funds
  • 4Approach family and friends for assistance
  • 5Approach a financial advisor for expert advice

These options enabled many of our patients to afford their surgery overseas. The first step is for us to proceed with an assessment of your case, so our international specialists in Germany and Thailand can recommend the most suitable solutions for your consideration.
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