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How to Skip the Waiting List & receive the surgery you need

Are you stuck waiting in pain and feel like you have been going in circles? We have trusted and proven solutions, so you don’t have to wait any longer!

For over 10 years our team have organised for patients like yourself to have spine surgery with our leading surgeons in Germany and Thailand. The private surgery is performed in large international hospitals, and packages are set up especially for medical travellers.

Having spine surgery overseas may sound daunting, but this is our area of expertise. We organise all the intricate details so that you can relax, supporting you from your initial enquiry through to after you return home.
“You can be undergoing your elective spine surgery within 4 weeks from today”

2 Types Of Waiting Lists

Spine patients requiring surgery can become stuck in 2 different types of waiting lists. Learn about each waiting list below, and see how you can receive your surgery sooner.

1The ‘Public Waiting List’ explained

In this situation patients are put into a category, which determines how long they wait for their free government sponsored surgery, if they’re lucky enough to live in a country which offers this. The down side is that the patient cannot choose their surgeon, they don’t know when their surgery will be, and they can find themselves sliding down the list if ‘higher priority’ patients need help first. It is not uncommon for these patients to wait 3-6 months for a consultation, and then another 6-12+ months for surgery.

Spine patients are usually stuck on the public waiting list because they do not have Private Health Insurance, or cannot afford to pay for elective Private Hospital surgery in their home country.

2A ‘Private Surgeons Waiting List’ explained

This situation occurs when you have an established local surgeon with a great reputation, usually involving decades of experience, specialised techniques or many vocal satisfied patients.

This surgeon may be regarded as one of the best spine surgeons in your city or area, and so they are booked out for many months in advance, sometimes just for a consultation.

This situation can also arise if there are not many spine surgeons in that area, relative to population size.

Our Solutions

1Private Hospital Spine Surgery in Germany

We have fixed price packages for spine surgery in Germany. Our German Spine Specialists are at the forefront of motion-preserving spine technologies, using the very latest Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) and Total Facet Joint Replacement implants.
Our specialists have been trusted by thousands of spine patients, and maintain Germany’s reputation for excellence in precision and innovation
Not all surgical centres are set up to receive overseas patients and there are many important considerations. The best international surgical centres have been developed from years of experience. While surgical outcome is our number one priority, patient experience is equally important.
Every patient is different, and your journey will be tailored to your exact needs, from the moment you arrive at Dusseldorf airport to be greeted by your driver, through to your precise and meticulous surgery, private hospital recovery, and intensive rehabilitation at Europe’s largest rehab centre. We also have special inclusions in case you wish to bring a support partner to keep you company.

German efficiencies and surgery list management ensure our patients can undergo their surgery within 4-6 weeks from today. It’s a bonus that these surgeons provide the best motion-preserving spine solution available anywhere for overseas patients! Contact us today to ask us why.

2Private Hospital Spine Surgery in Thailand

We have affordable spine surgery packages in the most advanced hospitals in Thailand, such as Bumrungrad International Hospital, Vejthani International Hospital, and the brand new World Medical Hospital.
Thailand’s rapidly growing Medical Tourism industry makes it the No.1 choice for over 2 Million overseas patients seeking elective surgery every year.
When compared with hospitals patients are used to at home, our hospitals in Bangkok more closely resemble luxury hotels. This is due to large investments from multi-billion-dollar private hospital groups, and Government support.

Our spine surgeons in Thailand are also highly skilled, receiving additional experience overseas in countries like Japan, the UK and the USA. Some of our spine centres are even leaders in their field, such as Bumrungrad Hospital’s Full-Spine Endoscopic Training Institute (the only accredited facility for Asia-Pacific region) and Vejthani hospital’s advancements with Robotic Spine Surgery.

Patients from areas like the Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific enjoy savings of around 50-70% on the cost of spine surgery, for the exact same procedure they would receive at home. We can organise your surgery for within 4 weeks once you’re given clearance by our hospitals.

In short, our spine surgeons in Bangkok can do everything that your local spine surgeons at home can do, and you can recuperate in a luxury environment with attentive doctors and caring Thai nurses.
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