Spine Rehabilitation

Movement is Medicine

The human body was designed to move, and in this modern age mobility can become affected by lifestyle, injury and disease.

Physical conditioning through sport and exercise has a profound impact on physical and mental health. Studies clearly show that regular exercise can lead to reduced risk of chronic disease, improved brain health and memory, better sleep quality, higher energy levels, and healthier skin to name just a few its many benefits. Most importantly, it can treat pain and improve quality of life.

It’s estimated 80% of all adults experience back pain in their lives, and 8% experience persistent or chronic back pain. Most of these people do not have access to advanced treatment programs, and do not know how to begin moving confidently again.

Spine Connection offers customized 1-4 week standalone and post-operative rehabilitation programs in Thailand and Germany, for those looking to put off or avoid surgery, or those looking to fast-track their recovery after surgery.

Spine Rehabilitation in Thailand

Bangkok has long been known as the world’s premier medical travel destination. Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) is one of the top 5 largest hospital groups in the world, and their brand new BDMS Wellness Clinic achieves a new level in luxury and technology. Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, their Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine Clinic is the only facility in Asia to house the complete set of DAVID exercise equipment from Finland. A breakthrough innovation for improving fitness and supporting rehabilitation, this advanced system provides an ideal exercise therapy solution supported by optimized biomechanics and real-time fitness monitoring.
This option is for patients looking to fix pain, increase mobility and put off or avoid spine surgery. We build customised rehab programs for 1-4 weeks in a technologically advanced yet relaxing environment, with patients staying at the Movenpick Wellness Resort right next door.
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Spine Rehabilitation in Germany

Germany is respected worldwide as a destination for medical technology and precision. The Medicos Aufschalke facility is the flagship of Germany’s renowned Medicos rehabilitation network. In 2006 Sports Physician Dr. Vieregge Ulrich and his team began the journey of building Europe’s largest rehab centre, with in-house centres of excellence in cardiology, internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine and orthopaedics. After it’s recent expansion, the impressive facility boasts over 15,000 sqm working space for their 500+ patients per day. The Medicos team provides sports medicine for Europe Champions League football clubs, along with local and overseas patients from both the Western and Eastern world.
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