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A second opinion can make all the difference. Let our spine experts recommend the best solution for your case

Our experienced team will guide you through the assessment process, so you can receive the medical opinion of our best specialists in Germany and Thailand, according to your preference. Forget waiting months for a consultation, our efficiencies allow you to receive a full evaluation of your case by multiple specialists within 5-10 working days from receiving your data.
STEP 1: Contact Us
Complete our website enquiry form or email us directly to Please include brief details of your case and confirm you are ready to proceed with an assessment.
STEP 2: Complete Patient Evaluation Form
Complete and submit the online evaluation form (below) according to which treatment you are considering. It takes around 15-20 mins. Please be concise and detailed.
Online Evaluation Form
Spine Surgery
STEP 3: Send us your MRI, CT, X-Ray Spine Images
Tell us which images you have on CD, and date they were taken. Images must be within 12 months (within 6 months preferable). We will advise if they are suitable, and if not, we will help you organise up-to-date images. You must send digital images as we cannot accept images printed on films. Choose from 2 WAYS below to send your images:
  • APost Images in the Mail
(Express with tracking) Post to your nearest Spine Connection postage address in Australia, Thailand or Germany. Click for Postal Addresses
  • BSend Images Online (Preferred)
We prefer Dropbox but you can use any cloud based storage system as long as your Dicom files are zipped into 1 folder. Click for Guide to use Dropbox
STEP 4: Pay Assessment Fee Securely Online
We will email an invoice, which you can pay securely online within a few minutes using any credit/debit card or PayPal account. This small fee allows us to provide the highest level of service to genuinely interested patients.
COST: €149 Euros (Europe patients) or $159 USD (All other countries)

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