Vejthani International Hospital

Famous amongst Thailand’s Largest Hospitals for Spine & Orthopaedic Surgery

Vejthani Hospital was established on February 1, 1990 as one of the leading private international hospitals in Thailand. Providing international-standard healthcare with JCI accreditation that caters to the holistic healthcare needs of multi-national expats and medical tourists. Cutting-edge medical technologies, internationally trained specialists, world-class health care standards and authentic Thai hospitality are the hospital’s key virtues.

Welcomed comforts for medical travellers and their support partners include complimentary hospital transfers, with an on-site hotel, Starbucks, Subway, florist, gift shops, cafés and more. The hospital has friendly patient coordinators to stay by your side every step of the way.

Acclaimed Spine Centre

Due to their reputation for advanced spine and orthopaedic surgery, Vejthani Hospital is regarded as the “King of Bones” among Bangkok’s international hospitals. Within the hospital the Spine Centre, Orthopedics Center, Total Joint Replacement Center, Neuroscience Centre and Rehabilitation Centre work together for an integrated approach.
Spine procedures are performed in a highly clinical, yet safe, friendly, and relaxing manner. Vejthani Hospitals team of spine surgeons include only highly dedicated, certified orthopedic specialists, so you can rest assured you will have the best possible experience and result.
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Featured Spine Surgeons

Dr. Pattara Kosanunt

Dr. Porn-a-nake Tardthong

Dr. Ekkaphol Larpumnuayphol

Rehabilitation Center

The famous Vejthani Spine & Orthopedic departments wouldn’t be complete without a Rehabilitation Centre to match. The dedicated Rehabilitation Centre includes a wide range of assistive therapies, machines and physical therapists. Their caring team will prescribe the best therapies for your case, so that you can start moving confidently again. Supportive therapies include physiotherapy, massage, short wave diathermy machine, walking bath, laser therapy, whirlpool, ultrasound and more. Your rehab program will be tailored to suit your unique case.

Bringing Friends and Family

Vejthani Hospital is an ideal hospital if you are looking to bring family and friends for support. The private ward rooms are spacious and comfortable (see photos) to accommodate for your traveling party. You will notice there are extra recliners and roll-away beds, and even an on-site hotel so that any support partners can stay nearby. As already mentioned, there are multiple shops and cafes in the foyer, including Starbucks, Subway and other restaurants with international cuisines.

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