General Terms & Conditions - Regenerative

General Terms & Conditions

  1. While this form is a legal document, it also serves as a helpful reminder of your role as a responsible patient, to help you receive the best outcome from your planned treatment.
  2. Please carefully read and accept each item below by ticking the corresponding box.
  3. A copy will be emailed to you upon completion for your own safekeeping.

I, the patient, understand and accept:


1.Spine Connection is a medical travel facilitator, and in providing any medical information to its clients and prospective clients relies on medical, surgical and other recommendations supplied by the accredited hospitals, clinics, surgeons and doctors that Spine Connection is affiliated with. Spine Connection provides this information in good faith, however, this must not be construed as Spine Connection offering or providing medical advice.
2.Stem cell treatments and alternative medical treatments are considered experimental, not approved by the U.S. FDA or other government regulatory agencies, and are not considered to be the standard of care for any condition or disease. This does not imply the presence or lack of efficacy and safety, rather lack of approval by a government body.
3.Before departure you should discuss the planned treatment with your qualified and trusted personal physician (GP) at home. You should always attain and compare multiple medical opinions before proceeding with medical treatment.
4.All medical treatments have inherent risks and complications, whether performed in your home country or overseas. We highly recommend that individual research be conducted on all aspects of the proposed treatments.
5.Spine Connection makes every effort to research and be affiliated with accredited and highly renowned surgeons, doctors, hospitals and clinics. We cannot guarantee any medical outcome. Every patient is different and will have different post-treatment outcomes, including recovery rates and reactions.
6.All information regarding your health and lifestyle is to be disclosed on the Spine Connection Patient Evaluation Form during the time of your assessment, and to the Spine Connection consultant, including all pre-existing and current health conditions, previous surgeries, medications and dosages. Any false declarations or omissions may result in treatment being denied.
7.We advise all patients to purchase flexible airfares, in the case that flights need to be changed due to prolonged recovery times due to any unforeseen circumstances.
8.Passport Validity: Please ensure you and your travelling companions have at least 6 months validity on your passport, beyond your final day in Thailand.
9.International Travel Insurance: You should purchase travel insurance prior to departing your home country. Please research your own Travel & Medical Insurance options. It is your own responsibility to read and understand all associated terms and conditions from your Insurance provider.
10.Payment: With regards to foreign exchange rates, please research and understand the various methods which payment can be made between banks of different currencies. If you are not familiar with International Money Transfers, we recommend to enquire with your trusted bank so that an experienced teller can assist you.


11.If you are not entirely comfortable with the outcome of discussions during your pre-treatment consultation, it is in your best interests to reconsider proceeding with the treatment. Please be assured you are under no pressure to proceed, and it is perfectly acceptable to cancel or postpone your treatment to a later date. We and our affiliated doctors are entirely supportive of your choices as an informed patient. Your doctors can help guide you in this instance.
12.Before treatment you will be required to sign clinic and doctor consent and agreement forms relating to all aspects of the planned treatment.
13.During your treatment and before you fly home you will have access (in-person, telephone, email) to qualified SC21 medical staff. If you have any unexpected symptoms or concerns, you must advise the medical staff immediately.
14.In the event you are away from the clinic or qualified medical staff, such as dining out at a restaurant, and have any unexpected symptoms or concerns, then you should seek emergency medical assistance, such as ambulance.
15.Every patient is unique, and if your attending doctors feel you are not ready to fly home, you may be required to extend your overseas stay to ensure you receive the required treatment, and to not exposure yourself to any associated risks of travelling home before it is safe to do so.
16.You will be given clearance to fly home during your final consultation with your treating physicians.
17.Please be aware of the increased risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis around times of medical treatment and particularly with long international plane flights. You should discuss this with your trusted personal physician (GP) at home and doctors overseas to ensure you make the right precautions.


18.You must check in with your trusted personal physician (GP) within 5 days of returning home, for a general check-up.
19.To achieve the best outcome, you must continue your own rehabilitation and any prescribed physio exercises after you return home.
20.Noticeable regeneration and repair benefits from stem cell therapy can take 3+ months to commence. All care must be taken with lifestyle and activity levels so as not to compromise your recovery and results. Please listen to your body and do not overextend yourself too soon.
21.Even with advanced stem cell therapies with supportive therapy assistance, individual genetic predispositions, anatomy and physiology can determine your recovery and final outcome.
22.Whilst we pride ourselves on ongoing patient support, once you have returned home after surgery, Spine Connection and our affiliated doctors and clinics will not be held responsible for any payments related to treatments or external appointments associated with potential issues or complications that may arise.
23.Confidentiality is paramount to Spine Connection’s operations. Information is collected for use by Spine Connection on your behalf, and will not be released to any third party, unless medically required for your safety, without your permission. You give Spine Connection and their affiliated hospitals, clinics, surgeons and doctors permission to store any personal medical records you have provided.
24.All Spine Connection company representatives will conduct themselves professionally at all times. If you and/or any of your representatives become abusive toward any of our staff, we retain the right to cease all dealings with you. This also includes any defamatory or untoward statements made by you, which may affect the public image or reputation of the Spine Connection Company. In this instance you will be notified in writing.


A. Website & Information Pack Material

All website and Information Pack material is derived from a variety of sources and as such, Spine Connection is not responsible or liable for any inaccuracies or omissions as a result of information received from third parties. Spine Connection does not warrant that the information or material on this website is entirely free from error or omissions.

B. Liability

Spine Connection cannot and does not guarantee the outcome or any results of the patient’s procedure/s performed by the doctor or surgeon. Spine Connection is a “facilitator and organiser” only, assisting patients after they have chosen and confirmed to proceed with treatment, by organising arrangements for treatment dates, travel and accommodation only. Spine Connection does not accept any liability in contract or in tort for any miscommunication, misunderstanding, injury, damage, communication delays by the clinic, loss, delay, treatment outcomes, additional expenses incurred or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure, unanticipated or uncontrollable event or effect on our part or directly or indirectly in connection with any medical trip organised by Spine Connection on the patient’s behalf. The patient agrees to release, defend and hold harmless Spine Connection and its officers, employees and agents from all and any such liability and indemnify each of them and Spine Connection severally against any claims that may be made by or through the patient related to Spine Connection office and consultants and/or any use of the Website or Facebook page in any manner.

If the patient does not understand any point in this document, please seek clarification from the Spine Connection consultant.

Patient Acknowledgement

By submitting this form, I acknowledge I have read fully and clearly understand ALL points of these General Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer and wish to proceed with my planned trip for surgery overseas.

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