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Poppy’s ADR with Dr. Illerhaus and ONZ Germany (12 Months Post-Op Video)


 Poppy contacted Spine Connection in October 2019 looking to return to an active lifestyle. Unfortunately her symptoms had returned after an L5/S1 microdiscectomy one year previously in Australia.

Poppy’s case was unique as she was travelling around the world with her Husband and living on their sailing yacht. She was interested in avoiding a spine fusion if possible and was looking to be assessed for an L5/S1 motion-preserving disc replacement in Germany.

Poppy sent us photos of her travels since recovering from her surgery

Cycling in the Greek Islands
Kayak Fishing in the harbor in Malta
Playing tennis in Sicily
Riding camels in the Sahara Desert in Tunisia
Climbing the mast in the Greek Islands
Sailing in the Greek Islands

Poppy has kept in touch with our team and we look forward to updating her story on our website in the years to come. We wish Poppy and her Husband calm seas and fair winds on their continued sailing journey.

*Please read: Every patient is unique and responds to medical treatment differently. Factors influencing outcome from spine treatment and surgery can include overall patient health, underlying medical conditions, degree and duration of existing spine/nerve damage, surgeon experience, technology and surgical techniques used, post-op rehabilitation protocol, and patient diligence in continuing rehab once returning home. We encourage patients to return to a healthy and active lifestyle, and the introduction of new physical activities should be discussed with medical professionals during the recovery phase.
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