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Why do Patients Consider Spine Surgery Overseas?

If conservative treatments such as physiotherapy and exercise have failed and quality of life is declining, we have identified 3 MAIN REASONS why spine patients consider travelling overseas for treatment and surgery.

1. Waiting Times

Patients can become stuck waiting to see their local surgeon for a consultation, and then waiting for an opening to have surgery. This can easily be 6-9+ months, or even years as some patients reported. In the meantime their health and quality of life continues on the same trajectory, with symptoms often increasing. The outcome from a successful surgery also depends on the degree and duration of the spine damage leading up to the eventual surgery.

We can provide treatment or surgery with our top German and Thai specialists to approved candidates usually within 4 weeks.

2. Surgery Cost

It’s no secret that health insurance companies are tightening up benefits for orthopedic surgery in western countries around the world. This can include knee, hip and spine surgery, leaving some patients to make serious financial sacrifices, or wait endlessly in public hospital lists (unless they’re very lucky). There is also the high cost of elective surgery in a private hospital environment, which patients prefer as they can choose their own specialist, surgery technique and technology used.

We negotiate fixed-price packages with our top German and Thai specialists, for state-of-the-art techniques, at around 20%-60% cheaper than your home country depending where you live.

3. Specialty Procedures

In earlier years orthopedic surgeons were expected to specialize in surgery on all joints, from the neck to your ankle and everything in between. Since the early 2000’s surgeons prefer to specialize and hone their skills in one area, such as a Shoulder Specialist, Lower Limb specialist or Spine Specialist. The field of spine surgery is becoming increasingly advanced and in turn complex. Due to surgeon experience, available technologies and even philosophy, patients may not be offered the treatment or solution they’re looking for by their local surgeon, compelling them to look elsewhere, even overseas.

Between our top German and Thai specialists we can provide the very latest in Artificial Disc Replacement, Facet Joint Replacement, Minimally invasive ALIF, OLIF and keyhole TLIF surgery, Robotic Spine Surgery, and even intensive rehabilitation packages.

At Spine Connection our mission is to provide superior and more affordable treatment options without waiting. We encourage you to do the research, seek multiple medical opinions, ask all the questions, and truly advocate for your own healthcare. However you do not have embark on the journey alone. We are experienced, we are in your corner, and we back you.

Jake Lemon
Written by Jake Lemon

Jake is Director of Patient Services at Spine Connection. He has unprecedented access to and knowledge of surgeons and their technologies, including the inner workings of international hospitals, to fulfill the unique medical travel requirements of spine patients around the world.

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